Many companies create and publish outstanding, stunning and attractive web sites. Some have paid significant sums to have them designed by professional web site design companies.

But what happens next? The site is often left as it was originally designed, or at best, updated very infrequently. Imagine not putting in your website your new or improved products, special offers, promotions and price changes? There is no incentive for existing clients or previous visitors to revisit the site. New visitors are often turned-off by websites which has not been updated for possibly several months - such websites create negative impressions on the whole company operations!

It is in your best interest to capitalize on the effort and expense which went into the creation of your site by ensuring that it is always kept up-to-date and relevant!

However, web maintenance is a labor intensive, complex task which many organizations find difficult to attend to. The work load is often not sufficient to justify a full time member of staff but can be too tedious for existing staff members to find time for in their work schedules. In addition, certain technical skills (HTML, ftp transfers, graphics compression, search engine promotion techniques, etc.) may not be available within the company.

Let Myhona Ltd. do all your website updates. Outsource your web maintenance work to us and reduce your cost and headaches. We do this regardless of your geographical location and the size or contents of your site.

We provide a regular, meticulous, professional service for an all-inclusive monthly fee.

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