Is your website working as it should? Is it generating leads for your business or enhancing your brand? Is it technically sound and up-to-date? How is it valued in search engines?

These are some of the questions that get answered in a website audit.

A website audit involves:

  • Technical analysis of site structure, functionality and security
  • Usability analysis from the visitors point of view
  • Marketing analysis of search engine position, social marketing and benchmarking against competition
  • Analysis of actual data from analytics software to give an accurate view of the current position

There are literally hundreds of factors that affect the success of a website. The site audit checks and catches the important ones which can be corrected or improved.

What we can do for you:

  • Carry out a thorough audit of your website from all aspects
  • Present a report containing recommendations for correction and improvement
  • If necessary help in the selection of vendors to make the changes

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