network monitoring

There are many types on Network Monitoring. Myhona Ltd. specializes in the following types of Monitoring:

Productivity Monitoring

Do you know what your employees are doing on their computers? Are they working or are they on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or reading the News? If the answers is NO then you should consider speaking with Myhona Ltd. about Productivity Monitoring.

Lost productivity costs businesses around the world millions each year, don’t let your business be the one to lose out on funds due to loss of productivity.

Myhona Ltd. are able to monitor what your staff are doing on their work computers and produce a comprehensive report outlining what your staff having being doing on the internet. Myhona Ltd. are also able to restrict access to websites, define time periods for internet access and also monitor suspicious activity.

Intrusion Detection Monitoring

Your company information is a valuable asset and is highly private. Myhona Ltd. are here to make sure that it stays that way. A firewall on your local network is no longer enough to keep your data secure.

Myhona Ltd. have the knowledge and expertise to stop all threats from entering your system, our advanced 24hr intrusion monitoring software is always awake and keeping a eye on your infrastructure safe from all external and internal threats.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Fed up with having un-expected downtime due to IT hardware failing or not working correctly or are you wanting to monitor all your systems and hardware for possible problems before they occur? Myhona Ltd. can help, Myhona Ltd. can monitor all of your IT hardware by using the latest software available to analyse and asses the current state of all your IT hardware.

The software we use can detect spikes in CPU usage, Memory usage, website health, networking load, applications, services and even temperature of your servers or server room.

Don´t leave it till it´s too late, trust in Myhona Ltd. Network Monitoring to give your business the assurance it deserves by be pro-active not re-active.

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